Shelly DeBiasse headshot

Shelly DeBiasse

Clinical Associate Professor, Department of Health Sciences, Sargent College

Michele A. “Shelly” DeBiasse, PhD, RDN (she/they) is a Clinical Associate Professor in the Department of Health Sciences/Programs in Nutrition in the College of Health & Rehabilitation Sciences: Sargent College, Affiliated Faculty in the Women’s, Gender, & Sexuality Studies program and the Center for Innovation in Social Sciences in the College of Arts and Sciences, and Affiliated Faculty and Researcher with the Center for Antiracist Research, Boston University, Boston, MA, USA.

Her PhD dissertation, The Theory of Planned Behavior and Implementation Intentions to Improve Fruit and Vegetable Intake among Women with Low Socioeconomic Status, afforded her three first-author publications and helped spark her scholarship interests to identify ways to better the lives of women and other historically excluded groups. Her current research centers on issues related to equity, diversity, inclusion, and social justice in healthcare and healthcare professions (particularly dietetics), and how gender may contribute to challenges often associated with female-dominated healthcare professions.