Kenneth Brecher

Director, Science and Mathematics Education Center Professor of Physics and Astronomy, College of Arts & Sciences

Professor Brecher’s astrophysical research interests center on a range of topics in theoretical high-energy astrophysics including neutron stars, pulsars, x-ray binary sources, supernovae and gamma-ray bursters. He is currently engaged in several materials, software, hardware and curriculum development projects for use in K – 12, undergraduate and informal science education. He is the Principal Investigator on “Project LITE: Light Inquiry Through Experiments”, which is developing materials about light, optics, color and perception. He is co-initiator and Project Scientist on the “MicroObservatory Project” which has developed a network of automated astronomical telescopes for student use. He has also worked on the history of astronomy, archaeoastronomy and the application of early astronomical records to modern astrophysical problems.