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Linking Program Goals with Evidence to Improve Outcomes Assessment

Laurie Pohl
Vice President for Enrollment & Student Affairs

In this hands-on workshop, Dr. Pohl will guide participants through the processes of determining the type of evidence appropriate for assessing their program learning goals, obtaining such evidence, and developing a plan for implementing a useful and ongoing assessment process. Please come prepared with your program goals and ideas for assessing these goals.

PLOA Workshop PowerPoint–3.28.14

Direct vs. Indirect Measures in Program Assessment

Steven Davidson
Assistant Dean of Strategic Initiatives & Student Learning, SMG

Deborah Marlino
Associate Dean of Academic Programs & Student Affairs, SMG

Measuring student learning is an essential step in the assessment process. In this session, we will explore how faculty can use both direct and indirect measure to assess student performance against program learning goals. Through the perspective of recent efforts at two institutions, we will explore how direct and indirect measurements can be identified, the role direct measurements play, and why there is value in using both.

Direct & Indirect Measures Workshop PowerPoint

Assessing Archived Artifacts in ePortfolio

Natalie McKnight
Interim Dean of the College of General Studies

In this session, Dr. McKnight will discuss how the College of General Studies uses ePortfolios to assess the impact of their two-year program. She will provide an overview of the rubric CGS developed and the methods used by their assessment committee. She will also highlight a few student portfolios and show the quantitative data CGS has collected in the past two years.

Assessing Archived Artefacts in ePortfolios

CGS Rubric