Back2BU Faculty Support

For more information on BU’s plans to repopulate our campuses, please visit the Back2BU website.

As BU resumes in-person, residential learning this fall and you return to your classrooms and lab spaces, we know there are many questions you may have. From resources to support your teaching to updated public health measures the University is instituting to help ensure the health of our community, we are committed to your success and safety this semester and always.

Below is a collection of resources and FAQs that we hope are helpful as you transition back to teaching and research on campus. We will continue to develop this page as more resources and answers come online, and also encourage you to review the updated Work Life for Faculty & Staff website, which will communicate the latest changes in our plans for campus operations and safety protocols in the summer and fall semester and a healthy return to in-person learning on campus.


Planning for January to February 2022

Given the high rate of infection from the Omicron variant of COVID-19, Boston University is making special preparations for the return of faculty, students, and staff to campus for the start of the spring 2022 semester. As outlined in President Brown’s January 5 letter, hese steps are designed to help curb the spread of the virus, ensure members of the community are fully vaccinated, and accommodate those with specific health needs or caregiver responsibilities.

Teaching and Research

Masks, Social Distancing, and Student Compliance in the Classroom

Cleaning and Building Safety

Workplace Adjustment Requests

Benefits and Pay

General Faculty Support

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