Change of Title/Change of Status

The Change of Title/Change of Status form is to be used for faculty who are recommended for:

  • A rank change: Use the form for a rank changes such as a change from a full-time to a part-time rank (ie. PROF to AJPROF). Promotion actions for faculty with clinical and of the practice ranks will also be submitted on this form. Often, a “change of title” also results in a “change of status.” Thus, it would not be unusual for both changes to be indicated.
  • A title change: Use the form for title changes, such as existing faculty appointed to named professorships.
  • A change of status: A typical change of status would be a change in a faculty member’s percent time. A change in tenure track status (i.e., from a non-tenure track to a tenure-track appointment) might require initial appointment paperwork.

Please Note: All full-time faculty increase recommendations should be included in the annual Faculty Salary Review Process.

Final Approval Authority

Provost: Changes to/from tenure track; changes from part-time to full-time for unmodified, Clinical, and of the Practice professorial faculty; promotions for Clinical, Research, and of the Practice faculty; appointments to named professorships
Dean*: Changes from full-time to part-time; changes to ranks not requiring Provost approval

*Provost approval is required for any salary or course-rate increases.

Required Paperwork for Provost Approval

For changes to/from tenure track or changes from part-time to full-time

For appointments of existing faculty into named professorships

For Clinical, Research, or “of the Practice” Promotions (see Faculty Handbook for review process requirements and timelines)

  • Change of Title/Change of Status Form (PDF)
  • Part I—Unit Actions: (DOC)
  • Part II—Current CV and statement on teaching activities, scholarly work, mentoring, administrative and professional service, and professional activities
    • Supporting Materials (e.g., innovative course syllabi, published works, professional or service products)
  • Part III—Chair’s Report: (DOC)
  • Part IV—APT Committee Report: (DOC)
  • Part V—Dean’s Report: (DOC)
  • Sample External Evaluator Solicitation Letter
  • External Evaluation Letters (minimum of 6, with at least 50% arm’s length)

Please send PDFs of paperwork to Ellen Latsko ( You may contact her with any questions or to check the status of paperwork.