The following templates should be followed when developing these documents. While you may add relevant material as appropriate to your unit, please be sure to follow the specific guidelines in these examples. It is very important that these documents accurately reflect policy and procedure for each action.

External Evaluator Templates, revised March 2013

Of the Practice external evaluator solicitation template

Junior Faculty Offer Letter template

Senior Faculty Offer Letter template

  • All senior faculty offer letters require approval from the Associate Provost for Faculty Affairs

Non-Reappointment Letter

Adjunct L509 Appointment/Reappointment Letter

This is the salary language for Appointment Letters that describes the fact that most faculty with 9-month appointments are paid in July and August each year, in advance of the Academic Year, and are also paid in June, after the end of the Academic Year.  If a faculty member leaves before January 15, they may owe us salary that they have already been paid but not earned, and if they leave in June, we may owe them salary they have earned but not yet been paid.  The language at this link is for appointment letters, not offer letters.