Non-Academic Leaves of Absence

Faculty members are eligible for a leave of absence from work for qualifying personal or family reasons.  The Faculty Handbook’s Faculty Leave Policy describes the types of personal and family related absences for which faculty are eligible and their respective requirements. Please visit HR’s Paid Family and Medical Leave pages for full-time faculty and part-time faculty for additional benefits information. Academic leaves, such as sabbatical and junior scholar leave, are described in the Sabbaticals and Leaves of Absence section of the Handbook.

Note that a childbirth leave and/or child bonding leave results in an automatic one-year extension of the tenure review deadline for tenure-track faculty. The total extension of the probationary period may not exceed two years, regardless of the combination of circumstances that resulted in the extension(s). The automatic one-year COVID-19 extension does not count toward the standard two-year limit.

Please note that long-term disability leaves and benefits should be arranged as soon as it is determined that a faculty member will be disabled for a period longer than 6 months, through the Benefits Section of Human Resources.

Final Approval Authority

Human Resources: Faculty Personal and Family Leaves*

Provost’s Office: Deferments of tenure review tied to Faculty Personal and Family Leaves (except for automatic childbirth and child bonding deferments)

*Notification required by Provost Office


Please send completed forms to