Lecture Archives 1950-2002


2002 Stanley Rosen Comfortable Virtue: Remarks on the Enlightenment
2001 David H. Barlow The Origins of Anxiety and Its Disorders
2000 Robert Bone From Judgment to Settlement: The Changing Character of American Courts
1999 Robert Dallek Presidential “Disability”: An American Dilemma
1998 Michael Mendillo Astronomy through a Glass Darkly: Searching for Extended Atmospheres of Planets, Moons, and Comet
1997 Charles R. Cantor After the Human Genome Project: a Peek at Future Biomedical Science and Technology
1996 Glenn C. Loury The Divided Society and the Democratic Idea
1995 Roger Shattuck The Rule of Excess: Faust and Frankenstein
1994 Lukas Foss A Twentieth-Century Composer’s Confessions About the Creative Process
1993 Nancy Kopell Rhythms and Clues: Mechanisms of Self-Organization in Nature
1992 Jean Berko Gleason Language Acquisition and Socialization
1991 H. Eugene Stanley Fractal Landscapes in Physics and Biology
1990 Christopher Ricks Literature and the Matter of Fact
1989 Stephen Grossberg Human Vision and Neural Computation: Illusion and Reality in the Mind’s Eye
1988 Phyllis Curtin Views of Life and Education Gleaned from Performance
1987 Peter L. Berger Moral Judgment and Political Action
1987 William B. Kannel Conquest of Coronary Heart Disease: Epidemiologic Contributions of the Framingham Study
1986 Norman M. Naimark Terrorism and the Fall of Imperial Russia
1985 Howard Clark Kee Medicine, Miracle, and Magic in the Roman World
1984 Richard H. Clarke Star Wars Surgery: What Chemical Physics Has to Offer the Operating Room of the Eighties
1983 Millicent Bell Meaning and Unmeaning: Henry James
1982 Sidney A. Burrell The Scottish Dimension in Irish History
1981 Paul N. Rosenstein-Rodan The New International Economic Order
1980 John N. Findlay Ethics as an Art
1978 J. Michael Harrison Sound and the Way It Controls Animal Behavior
1978 Lynn Margulis The Early Evolution of Life
1975 Joseph H.Ssilverstein The University Music School: Its Uses and Its Future
1974 Helen H. Vendler The Recent Poetry of Robert Lowell
1973 Irwin T. Sanders The Search for Community in a Complex Society
1972 John Malcolm Brinnin Pray You, Undo This Button: The Sentimental Strategies
1971 Albert R. Beisel, Jr. Erotica and the Law
1969 Theodore Brameld Our Climactic Decades: Mandate to Education
1967 David Aronson Real and Unreal: the Double Nature of Art
1966 Franz J. Inglefinder Medical Technosis
1965 Amiya Chakravarty The Emergent Design
1964 Lashley G. Garvey The “Walled” Towns of New England
1963 Robert E. Moody A Proprietary Experiment in Early New England History: Thomas Gorges and the Province of Maine
1961 Walter J. Gensler Making Molecules: Ways to New Polyunsaturates
1960 L. Harold Dewolf Acknoledgement of Non-Christian Contributions to Christian Faith and Life
1960 Peter A. Bertocci Education and the Vision of Excellence
1959 Leland C. Wyman Navaho Indian Painting: Symbolism, Artistry, and Psychology
1958 William O. Brown Racial Issues in South Africa and the American South
1957 William C. Boyd Genetics and the Races of Man
1957 Donald D. Durrell The Search for Better Schools
1956 Gerald W. Brace The Age of the Novel
1956 Chester S. Keefer Medical Science and Society
1955 Frank T. Nowak Russian Imperial and Soviet Foreign Policy
1954 Walter G. Muelder The Idea of a Responsible Society
1954 Edward Wagenknecht The Unknown Longfellow
1953 William Malamud Psychosomatics: A Medical Definition of Body-Mind Relationship
1953 Karl Geiringer The Bachs: A Family Portrait
1952 Elmer A. Leslie The Intimate Papers of Jeremiah
1952 Sanford B. Hooker The Individualities of the Human Blood
1951 Warren O. Ault The Self-Directing Activities of village Communities in Medieval England
1950 Brenton R. Lutz The Living Blood Vessels