Data Science Faculty Fellows Program

The Data Science Faculty Fellows program was created in 2017 to assemble a cluster of uniquely talented faculty whose expertise transcends traditional boundaries, leveraging the field’s three methodological disciplines of Computer Science, Statistics, and Electrical & Computer Engineering to enable fundamental advances in the entire landscape of academic disciplines. With the establishment of the Faculty of Computing & Data Sciences (CDS), this program will be integrated into CDS. Starting in 2021, both current and prospective faculty members at BU could be nominated for secondary appointment in CDS  as Faculty Fellows.

Expectations of Data Science Faculty Fellows

Appointment as a Faculty Fellow in CDS will be for a fixed term, renewable upon evaluation of track record of collaborative research and contribution to the Faculty of Computing & Data Sciences (CDS). Faculty Fellows will be expected to lead, or substantively participate in large collaborative endeavors that go beyond their own research agendas, and take an active role in the development and evolution of CDS academic and research programs.

Resources in Support of Data Science Faculty Fellows

CDS is committed to the success of its Faculty Fellows as they build on the University’s vision for research and education in this strategically area.

For the duration of their initial appointment, CDS Faculty Fellows will receive:

  • An option for a course release per academic year from their home department, funded centrally, to allow offering of new cross-listed CDS courses or research seminars; this does not reduce the course load of the Faculty Fellows, rather it allows them to fulfill some of their teaching obligation outside their home departments, in the context of CDS;
  • An annual unrestricted fund of $30,000 for the duration of their initial appointment as Faculty Fellows to be used towards support of CDS graduate students, postdoctoral fellows, visiting fellows, travel, SAIL software development, or other research-related expenses (including fringe);
  • Access to CDS resources, including staff support, office space for visitors, shared computing resources beyond those available through their home departments, schools, and colleges.

Beyond their initial appointment, CDS Faculty Fellows will be able to leverage a shared pool of funds that will be annually replenished in support of the Faculty Fellows Program.

CDS Faculty Fellows may receive additional, individually-negotiated resources provided by their home department or centrally as part of an offer, startup package, or other arrangements.

To learn more about the CDS Faculty Fellows program, please contact Associate Provost for Computing & Data Sciences Azer Bestavros directly.