The BU Arts Council is a standing committee of faculty and staff that work in conjunction with the Managing Director of the BU Arts Initiative to provide broad leadership to this signature effort and to ensure that the creative arts are deeply embedded in the cultural and intellectual fabric of the University.

Vision Statement for the Arts at BU

We recognize the crucial role that the arts play in personal and group development. The arts nurture creative thought and innovation, help us to develop a better understanding of diversity, foster a global perspective, and improve our ability to express ourselves and communicate complexity to others. With that in mind, we envision Boston University as an institution with world-class arts facilities and artists in major leadership positions. We expect Boston University to lead the way in demonstrating the value of the arts in higher education, and to build and maintain a reputation for providing an excellent arts education and outstanding arts programming.

To that end we are committed to developing and supporting initiatives that:

  • Directly support student engagement and participation in the arts
  • Embed interdisciplinary art into the curriculum
  • Graduate students who are conversant in the arts
  • Commission and present new art and new ways of making art
  • Celebrate and engage global, regional, and local art
  • Support arts research

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