Reminder of the Policy for Individuals Arriving from Abroad

From Dr. Jean Morrison, University Provost and Chief Academic Officer
and Gary Nicksa, Senior Vice President for Operations

As we announced on March 7, in response to the global spread of COVID-19, Boston University established a policy regarding faculty, staff, students, and visiting scholars who wish to enter campus after traveling outside the United States. This policy states that anyone arriving in the United States from the countries identified by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) asLevel 2 and Level 3 countries is required to: 1) not return to campus, and 2) self-quarantine for 14 days from your date of return to the United States, even if you do not feel ill.

The CDC has now issued a new alert – a Global Level 2 alert – so this policy now applies to anyone returning from anywhere outside the United States, including anyone visiting one of the US territories, such as Puerto Rico and the US Virgin Islands.

While in-person classes have moved online until at least April 13, our residence halls remain open only for those who have significant extenuating circumstances and have been unable to return to their permanent homes. Any members of our community – including all students – who are returning from travel over spring break outside the United States, including any US territory, should not return to campus, per the policy originally announced on March 7. If you are a student arriving from another country or US territory and are unable to return to your permanent residence due to significant extenuating circumstances, please contact the Dean of Students office at

Faculty and staff who are entering the United States from another country or any US territory are required to self-quarantine for 14 days and should notify Occupational Health Services at 617-353-6630.

Reminder of Policy for Individuals Arriving from Abroad – 3.15.20