All members of the Boston University community who participate in programs or activities that include Minors should receive training in the following areas:

  • University Recommended Guidelines for Interacting with Minors
  • Warning signs for child abuse or neglect
  • A review of the process for reporting potential harm to Minors, including obligations of mandated reporters

All University students, faculty, staff, and volunteers participating in University Activities involving Minors (including services, programs, and activities occurring on and off Campus, and owners, operators, employees, agents, and volunteers of Third Party Programs) must complete some level of training prior to being permitted to participate in programs that include Minors. The appropriate level of training will vary depending on the type of program and the level of interaction with the Minor(s). Program Operators are responsible for determining which type of training to provide, and for ensuring the appropriate training is delivered. The Minors Protection Coordinator (MPC) should work with their Program Operators to determine the appropriate type of training(s) to provide, and to ensure the appropriate training is delivered.

Available and Required Protection of Minors Trainings

This list of available and required trainings for the BU Community, includes information on who must complete the training, information on content and length, and how to access each training.

Questions should be directed to Protection of Minors in Human Resources, (617)-353-4460 or

See the BU PoM Procedure for more details about the specific training requirements.