Dos and Don’ts for Working with Social Media Influencers

By: Sydney Kiatkamolwong

Social media influencers, with their dedicated following and relatability among their audience, are great to work with for a brand looking to gain more exposure and third-party credibility among a specific target market. In the age of social media, many consumers are looking to their most trusted online personalities whenever they make a purchasing decision. A positive recommendation or a negative review can instantly persuade or dissuade thousands or even millions from considering your product. Here are some tips for working with social media influencers and making the most out of this mutually beneficial relationship. 

DO Research the influencer you are planning on working with thoroughly. 

This goes without saying, but you want to make sure you are looking into the type of content your influencer is making. Is their audience the same as yours? You want to make sure that their audience would be interested in the product you are offering and that it isn’t something completely different from what the influencer typically talks about. Additionally, it is also important to make sure that the influencer’s morals and attitudes align with your brand’s core values. Choosing to work with an influencer also means that they will be representing your brand, so it is important to select someone that represents what you stand for. 

DON’T Limit your options to just large content creators.

Though influencers with millions of followers may be able to reach a greater audience, micro-influencers often have a more dedicated following that leads to higher engagement rates. Micro-influencers are also a great way for a brand to gain exposure among a specific audience. Social media influencers are unique in their relatability compared to traditional celebrities, and this is especially true for influencers with a smaller following.

DON’T Compensate influencers with just “exposure”.

Social media influencers are also professionals, and for many of them, content creation is their full-time job. As a brand, it is crucial that all business services are adequately compensated for. Not all brands will have the budget for multiple paid posts from top influencers, but it is important in all cases to compensate the influencer fairly, whether that means free products or financial compensation. 

DO Be transparent.

Audiences value transparency and credibility. If the brand is pressuring the creator to hide the fact that content is sponsored or a product has been gifted in the hopes of making it seem like organic growth, that could easily backfire. Social media audiences are very volatile, so it is crucial to always to retain their trust. Viewers respect authenticity, so make sure to be transparent and follow all legal requirements and guidelines for disclosing sponsored content.