How to Utilize TikTok to Help Market your Business

Tik Tok is one of the most rapidly growing social media platforms currently. It now has over 1 billion users and is available in over 150 countries, and learning how to use this app is now becoming imperative to stay in the loop on social media. Tik Tok offers bite-sized “snackable” content, but don’t let that fool you; these short videos can be highly impactful. Various products featured in viral videos such as makeup, clothing, toys, foods, and more have been sold out within hours because of the power of Tik Tok. It is now even currently dominating the music industry as well, with several songs going viral and rocketing artists’ careers. Learning how to use Tik Tok to market your brand is not only free, but can be largely helpful to gaining exposure. 

Understanding how to use Tik Tok and how it works

Research shows that the largest demographic of users are between the age of 16 to 24. Therefore, if your brand’s audience is within that age range, you should definitely have a Tik Tok presence to appeal to them. The way Tik Tok works is that there is a “For You Page,” showing the user videos that the algorithm decides will appeal to them, and a “Following” page, which shows the user videos from people they choose to follow. With the new update, videos can now be up to 3 minutes long, and Tik Tok has a large variety of video and sound effects to choose from, as well as filters and several audios. You can save videos to your drafts and continue them at any time as well.

Implementing best practices and tips in your videos.

TikToks with too many words on the screen and not enough fun visuals usually do not do as well. Remember that the most significant demographic consists of teens and young adults, so remember to keep your content relatively short, engaging, and fun! One tip is to use a viral trending sound; this can usually increase your video’s chances of getting on the “for you page” more. Also, don’t forget to use hashtags! Searching viral hashtags and including them in your caption can also help boost views as well. The videos that do the best are the ones that either inform the audience of something they didn’t already know, such as showing them a unique hack that could better their lives, entertaining them with something funny/visually pleasing, or showcasing a cute animal. 

Remember that Tik Tok is transferable across different platforms.

One of the reasons Tik Tok is so successful is because it is able to survive across different social media platforms. One can share a Tik Tok on their Instagram story, post it on Facebook or Twitter, and put it on their Snapchat story. Another helpful tip is that once you post a Tik Tok, you can post it on your Instagram as a reel to gain traction and followers to your other platforms. 

One of the best parts about Tik Tok- the comments.

Another reason people love Tik Tok is that it can bring people together, and if you want to share your thoughts and opinions on a video, you can comment something! And if you want to support someone’s comment, you can like it. Some comments on Tik Toks get hundreds of thousands of likes, and by commenting funny/helpful/insightful things on viral posts, this can also help drive traffic to your page. Sometimes verified brands will comment on someone’s video if it has to do with the company, and this is a great way to engage with their community and show that their consumers’ thoughts and feedback are heard.

Once you master all these tips while making Tik Toks for your brand, you will no doubt increase your following and maybe even produce a viral video out of it! Happy Tik Toking, and best of luck!