Boston University AI Administrative Processes Task Force

January 29, 2024

Dear Colleagues,

As we continue to witness rapid advancements in artificial intelligence, it becomes increasingly evident that incorporating AI into administrative processes is crucial for enhancing efficiency, effectiveness, and innovation. At the same time, the use of AI must be managed to avoid pitfalls such as inaccuracy and bias. With this in mind, the AI Administrative Processes Task Force is being established at Boston University.

The AI Administrative Processes Task Force will complement and collaborate with the Boston University AI Task Force, created last fall by the Office of the Provost, comprising faculty from across the University. That task force is focused on developing best practices and shared approaches around the use of generative AI in support of our research and teaching mission.

The primary objective of the AI Administrative Processes Task Force is to explore, evaluate, and propose AI solutions in various administrative functions across the University. This initiative aims to streamline processes, improve decision-making, and create a more agile and responsive administrative framework while managing related risks.

The AI Administrative Processes Task Force will be charged with conducting a thorough assessment of select administrative processes to identify areas that show the greatest potential to benefit from AI integration and to research and evaluate established and emerging AI technologies that align with the University’s administrative needs. The task force is expected to recommend pilot programs to test the feasibility and effectiveness of AI solutions in select administrative areas and to develop training and support for staff members to ensure a smooth transition to AI-integrated processes and foster innovation in the use of AI. In addition, the task force will identify and recommend paths to elevate questions regarding the legal, ethical, and safe use of AI to ensure consistent and informed implementation, and to provide an estimate of the resources required for the successful implementation of AI solutions in administrative processes.

Cochaired by Bob Graham, assistant vice president, ERP, CRM & Integration in IS&T, and Kelly Lockard, assistant vice president, Continuous Improvement & Data Analytics, the task force comprises interdisciplinary members, including representatives from different administrative departments, and IT professionals. This diverse composition will ensure a holistic approach to addressing the challenges and opportunities associated with AI in administrative processes.

The task force is expected to submit initial findings by June 30, 2024.


Kenneth W. Freeman
President Ad Interim


Boston University AI Administrative Processes Task Force


Bob Graham, Assistant Vice President, ERP, CRM & Integration, IS&T

Kelly Lockard, Assistant Vice President, Continuous Improvement & Data Analytics


David Bergeron-Keefe, Assistant Director, Content & Search Engine Optimization, External Affairs

Margaret Bolter, Associate Dean, Strategic Initiatives, College of Arts & Sciences

Mumtaz Badshah Brown, Assistant Vice President, Talent Development, Human Resources

Lilly Huang, Associate General Counsel, Office of the General Counsel

Jennifer Jackson, Assistant Vice President, Digital Architecture & Technology, BU Virtual

Kris Klinger, Vice President, Auxiliary Services

Steve Koppi, Executive Director, Center for Career Development

Adam Krueckeberg, Vice Dean, School of Law

Ira Lazic, Associate Dean, Administration, School of Public Health

Linda Martin, Associate Vice President, Research Operations, Office of Research

Mark Newton, University Librarian

Ern Perez, Associate Provost, Executive Director, BUMC IT

Eddie Ramones, Director, Human Resources Information Systems, Human Resources

Kerri Saucier, Assistant Vice President, Advancement Information Strategies, Development & Alumni Relations

Staff Liaison:

Marie Vearling, Senior Consultant, Continuous Improvement & Data Analytics


*This message was sent to faculty and staff on 1/29/2024.