Political Science and the Hub

Given the flexibility of Political Science major and minor, there is no single direct path you will take through it to complete your studies. As long as you take a variety of courses across the five subfields of Political Science and are actively engaged in advising, you can currently reasonably expect to fulfill units in the following areas: Philosophical Interpretation and Life’s Meanings, Historical Consciousness, Social Inquiry I and II, Global Citizenship and Intercultural Literacy, Ethical Reasoning, and Critical Thinking.

On the whole, students will be encouraged at this time to pursue the remaining Hub units outside the Department of Political Science. There are a few units outside the list above in which we have courses approved, which include Aesthetic Exploration, Quantitative Reasoning I and II, Individual in Community, Digital/Multimedia Expression, Research and Information Literacy, and Teamwork/Collaboration; however, the availability of these Hub units within the major/minor is sparse.

Currently approved Hub courses are listed below. For further information about the Hub, please visit their website here.