The following job candidates are currently on the market:


Name Dissertation Committee Fields
Michael Luke (PhD) Partisan Dynamics and Welfare State Retrenchment Cathie Jo Martin, Taylor Boas, Vivien Schmidt, and Sofia Perez Comparative Politics
Metehan Tekinirk (PhD) Populism and Nationalism in the Age of Competition, Anxiety and Resentment; with Particular Attention to the Populist Transformation of Turkey Liah Greenfeld, Vivien Schmidt, Murat Somer, and Sofia Perez Comparative Politics, International Relations
Erik Olsson (PhD) Designing Money: Culture and the Political Construction of Monetary Regimes in England and Sweden Cathie Jo Martin, Vivien Schmidt, and Sofia Perez Comparative Politics, International Relations
Jaewook Lee (PhD) “First the came with the immigrants, then they came with the robots” – politics of job-displacement in Western Europe Cathie Jo Martin, Taylor Boas, Sofia Perez, and Spencer Piston Comparative Politics
Mehmet Hecan (ABD) Essays on the Distributional Politics of Green Energy Transition in Europe Sofia Perez, Vivien Schmidt, Cathie Jo Martin, and Henrik Selin Environmental Policy, Climate Change Policy, Comparative Political Economy
Ahyoung Cho (ABD) Three Essays on Climate Change and Environmental Justice Katherine Einstein, Spencer Piston, Maxwell Palmer, and David Glick American Politics, Environmental Politics, Race and Ethnic Politics
Sarah Sklar (ABD) China’s Belt and Road Initiative and the Role Local Government has Played into the Relationship with Three Neighboring Countries Min Ye, Joseph Fewsmith, Kevin Gallagher Comparative Politics
Elvis Heyun Kim (ABD) State Structures and Interventions for Acute Infectious Disease Outbreaks: A Comparative Politics Perspective Joseph Fewsmith, Taylor Boas, and Steve Rosenzweig Comparative Politics
Kehan Wang (ABD) Protest in the Incan Heartland: A Study of Mobilization around Mining in Southern Peru Taylor Boas, Kevin Gallagher, Steve Rosenzweig, and Cynthia Sanborn Comparative Politics