The following job candidates are currently on the market:

Name Dissertation Committee Fields
Sahar Abi-Hassan (ABD) Influence of Interest Group Compositions on Judicial Behavior Dino Christenson, Douglas Kriner, David Glick, and Janet Box-Steffensmeier American Politics, Political Methodology
Laura Blume
Thinking Like a Kingpin: An Ethnography of Narco-Violence in Central America. Taylor Boas, Steven Rosenzweig, John Gerring, and Julie Klinger Comparative Politics, Latin American Politics
Hao Chen
Social Welfare Expansion in China: Big Business, Development Zones, and Municipal Politicians Joseph Fewsmith, Cathie Jo Martin, Dino Christenson, and Tony Saich Comparative Politics, International Relations, Chinese Politics
Seulah Choi
Where You Sit Matters: Diplomatic Network and International Conflict Douglas Kriner, Dino Christenson, Manjari Miller, and Rosella Cappella International Relations, Political Methodology
Junda Jin
Fueled by State: Comparative Study of Chinese and Japanese Overseas Energy Finance by State-Owned Financial Institutions Min Ye, Joseph Fewsmith, Kevin Gallagher, and William Grimes Comparative Politics, International Relations, Chinese Politics
Claudia Junghyun Kim
Varieties of Base Contestation: Anti-U.S. Base Protests in South Korea and Japan Thomas Berger, William Grimes, Taylor Boas, and Joshua Shifrinson International Relations, Comparative Politics
Claire Seulgie Lim
Causes and Unintended Consequences of Gender Quotas: A Study into the Case of Senegal and the Gender Parity Law Timothy Longman, Jeremy Menchik, and Fallou Ngom Comparative Politics; African Politics
Michael Luke
Partisan Dynamics and Welfare State Retrenchment Cathie Jo Martin, Taylor Boas, Vivien Schmidt, and Sofia Perez Comparative Politics
Fatima Mustafa
Violence, Political Parties and Counterterrorism: Three Essays on Pakistan John Gerring, Taylor Boas, Douglas Kriner, and Steven Rosenzweig Comparative Politics
June Park
Trade Wars & Currency Conflict: China, Japan, and South Korea’s Responses to U.S. Protectionism, 1971-2013 William Grimes, Joseph Fewsmith, Kevin Gallagher, and Douglas Kriner International Political Economy
Eniola Soyemi
Law’s Moral Legitimacy and the Significance of Participation Judith Swanson, Timothy Longman, Taylor Boas, and Neta Crawford Political Theory