During Fall Orientation for incoming students, The DGS and Graduate Program Coordinator will help in the selection of courses. Towards the end of the first semester, each first-year student should make an appointment to meet with the DGS to discuss their progress to date.

Upon entering the program, students are assigned a Program Advisor from among the faculty. Program Advisors serve as an additional resource, beyond the DGS, for students to discuss course selection, graduate student life, and professional development. Students and Program Advisors should meet at least once during the Fall semester and once during the Spring semester; they can meet more often as time and interest allow.

Meetings should be scheduled with the DGS, and potentially also the Program Advisor, at any time during the first year when a student expects to have an Incomplete in a course or is having difficulty keeping up with the workload for any reason. Responsibility for initiating these meetings lies with the student.