RAP Workshop

The Research in American Politics (RAP) workshop serves as a forum for the presentation of research by faculty and graduate students in American politics.  For graduate students, RAP is also an opportunity to hear and present practice job talks, dissertation chapters, and conference papers and to learn about professional engagement via formal discussion duties.

Organizers: Katherine Levine Einstein

RAP will be held at the time, date and location noted below; if you are interested in attending, please reach out to Katie Einstein for the Zoom links at kleinst@bu.edu.


Date Speaker Topic
Friday, February 8, 12:30pm Kate Krimmel

Barnard College

The Rise of Programmatic Partisanship in the United States, 1856-2016″
Monday, March 22, 12:30pm Jamila Michener

Cornell University

Monday, April 12, 12:30pm Rachel Meade

Boston University


RAP welcomes colleagues and students from the greater Boston University academic community at all our workshops. Please join us for the events scheduled above.

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For a list of previous RAP presentations, please visit the RAC Archive.