Starting Fall 2022, Political Science will be using a department wide Google Form to keep track of course waitlists. On this form, students have the option to list up to two classes for which they would like to be waitlisted. Any student who wishes to be added to a third waitlist can reach out directly to advisor Julia Martorell (

Click here to join a Political Science Waitlist

Waitlist priority will be given to Political Science majors and minors. The department will be in contact with you by email if we are able to add you to the course from the waitlist.

Note: For Fall 2023, the Political Science Waitlist will become available on Monday, April 24, 2023. We will maintain the waitlists until September 5th, 2023. Any inquiries can be sent to Julia Martorell (

Important: we are unable to register students who are not currently in compliance with University Requirements. If it is your turn to be registered for the course but you are not currently in compliance, you will have three days from when we contact you to meet University Requirements before we will have to move onto the next student on the waitlist.