Political Science minors must complete a total of six courses: Two core courses from PO111, PO141, PO151/IR251, PO171/IR271, or PO191, and four elective courses (numbered 200-599) with a grade of C or higher.

Core Courses

These courses serve as introductions to the five subfields of political science: American Politics, Public Policy, Comparative Politics, International Relations, and Political Theory.

Minors must complete two core courses from the following list:

  • PO 111 Introduction to American Politics
  • PO 141 Introduction to Public Policy
  • PO 151/IR 251 Introduction to Comparative Politics
  • PO 171/IR 271 Introduction to International Relations
  • PO 191 Introduction to Political Theory

Elective Courses

Students may choose their four elective courses from any of the Political Science courses numbered 200-599 that are offered by the department.