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Revised: September 1, 2021

Student Athlete Code of Conduct

Responsible Office Athletics


The Boston University Athletic Department is committed to excellence on and off the court, playing field, ice, and water and considers it an honor to participate in the long and proud tradition of BU intercollegiate athletics. BU expects that through participating in sport and engaging in the academic and social life of the University, its student-athletes will experience personal growth, academic achievement, and athletic success.

Membership on a BU athletic team is a privilege, not a right. Each student-athlete is required to acknowledge and accept this Student-Athlete Code of Conduct as a condition of participating in Boston University athletics.

Code of Conduct

    By signing below, I agree to conduct myself in accordance with all rules and requirements of the National Collegiate Athletic Association (NCAA), the athletic conference in which my team participates, Boston University (including but not limited to the Code of Student Responsibilities), the rules established by my team, and any other University requirements that may be imposed. I also agree that:

    1. University Community: I will strive to represent BU, my team and myself well, inside and outside the classroom, on and off campus; to be a responsible, engaged member of the University community; to exercise good judgment; to conduct myself with honesty, integrity, and respect for others; and to lead by example.
    2. Academic Standing: I will assume full responsibility for my academic progress and achievement. I will make every effort to remain in good academic standing at the University. I will attend all my classes unless I have been excused for team travel and competition or another legitimate reason. I will seek additional academic help if necessary to improve or maintain my academic standing.
    3. Ethical Conduct: I acknowledge my obligation under NCAA Bylaw 2.4, which states, in part, that “For intercollegiate athletics to promote the character development of participants, to enhance the integrity of higher education and to promote civility in society, student-athletes, coaches, and all others associated with these athletics programs and events should adhere to such fundamental values as respect, fairness, civility, honesty and responsibility.”
    4. Online: I will remember that, as a BU student-athlete, my online activity will reflect (either positively or adversely) on me, as well as on my team and the University. I understand that my online actions are subject to the same rules and standards that govern all other actions. I have read and understand the Guidelines for Student-Athlete Use of Social Media.
    5. Alcohol and Drug Use: Regardless of my age, I will not consume alcoholic beverages or controlled substances while involved in any team-related competitions, banquets, travel, or other activities. At other times, I will comply with applicable laws on the use of alcohol and controlled substances, as well as University policy (such as the Code of Student Responsibilities). I will not use or distribute illegal, prescription, or “performance enhancing drugs,” or take prescription drugs unless they have been prescribed for me by a medical professional.
    6. Violence: I will not engage in and will not tolerate violent acts, including assaults on persons or property, hate crimes, hazing (addressed more fully below), stalking, sexual violence, or any other conduct prohibited by law or University policy. If I witness any such acts perpetrated by others, I will report them to my coach or another University official immediately. I acknowledge that the Department of Athletics may, in its discretion, immediately suspend me from my team and prohibit me from practice and competition until further notice if I am accused of a crime of violence, including sexual assault.
    7. Nonconsensual Sexual Contact: I will not initiate or engage in nonconsensual sexual contact or sexual harassment, and I acknowledge that all forms of harassment and non-consensual sexual contact are prohibited both by law and University policy, described in more detail in the University’s Sexual Misconduct Policy.
    8. Hazing: Hazing is prohibited by law and the Code of Student Responsibilities. I will not participate in hazing of any kind. I acknowledge that such acts, either in connection with membership on a University athletic team, participation in an informal or formal team activity, or for any other reason, are strictly prohibited. I will refrain from any act, whether physical, mental, emotional, or psychological, that subjects another person, voluntarily or involuntarily, to anything that may abuse, mistreat, degrade, humiliate, harass, or intimidate another person. Such acts may include, but are not limited to: forcing, requiring, or pressuring others to consume alcohol or any other substance; forcing, requiring, or pressuring others to involuntarily perform physical activities, tattoo, pierce, or shave any part of the body; forcing, requiring, or pressuring others to take part in an illegal or indecent activity; disturbing others during normal sleeping hours; or physically abusing others in any way.
    9. Remaining Informed of Expectations and Policies: I am responsible for my own behavior and for reading, understanding, and abiding by the policies applicable to me, including but not limited to the Boston University Lifebook (, the Code of Student Responsibilities (, the current year’s BU Student-Athlete Handbook; and NCAA bylaws.


    I understand that failure to comply with the conduct expectations described in this Boston University Student-Athlete Code of Conduct, may result in sanctions, up to and including suspension or dismissal from the team, loss of my athletic scholarship, and suspension or expulsion from Boston University.


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