Boston Police Crime Statistics

The crime statistics compiled by the Boston Police Department, Office of Research and Evaluation, for areas that include Boston University property are presented here. These statistics are not address-specific. This means that we are not able to determine which;if any;of the crimes listed occurred on public ways adjacent to Boston University. However, in the interest of public safety, we feel that rather than leave the statistics out, we will provide them for all the delineated areas, realizing that a great many of these crimes did not occur at, or adjacent to, Boston University itself.


The location links will take you to a map of the area indicated. Any area within the map that impacts Boston University will be marked with a number. Match that number to the corresponding number on the chart below the map to get Crime Statistics for that area. The district links will take you to the corresponding Boston Police District.

Downtown (District A-1)
Back Bay, South End, and Fenway (District D-4), Map 2
Allston / Brighton (District D-14)
Medical Center (District D-4)
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