Sexual Assault Prevention Programing

Program Name / Description Frequency Target Audience
University Orientation Annually to new students Students
The University’s summer and winter orientation programs for approximately 4,600 incoming undergraduate students emphasize crime prevention, personal responsibility, and bystander education.   Representatives from Student Health Services, the Sexual Assault Response & Prevention Center, Judicial Affairs, and the Boston University Police discuss strategies for keeping the newest members of the BU community healthy and safe.  This panel presentaton includes the following:
Sexual Misconduct for Graduate Orientation Annually Students
At each of the graduate and professional school orientations, the University’s Title IX Coordinator or her designee discusses Title IX, sexual misconduct, and the University’s policies and resources.
Sexual Misconduct Awareness Brochure
The University widely distributes an informational brochure entitled “Have You Experienced Sexual Assault, Sexual Harassment, Stalking, or Domestic or Dating Violence?” to students and employees throughout campus. It provides awareness of these issues and helpful resources to contact if needed.
New Employee Orientation Upon hire Faculty & Staff
All new Boston University Employees are required to attend an orientation training that includes a presentation from the BU Police on campus safety and Clery Act, and the Equal Opportunity Office on Sexual Misconduct and Title IX reporting. They are also provided with campus resources to access for drug and alcohol dependency issues.
Faculty & Staff Assistance Office Programs Ongoing Faculty & Staff
The BU Faculty & Staff Assistance Office offers free, confidential consultation and counseling to Boston University employees who may be experiencing difficulties that affect their personal lives or work. We can help BU faculty and staff and their families with a range of issues, including alcohol and drug abuse, stress, depression, relationship and family concerns, sexual misconduct, harassment, interpersonal violence, and abuse.
Healthy Relationships Workshop Annually Both Students and Faculty & Staff
 SARP hosts a Domestic Violence Awareness workshop about healthy relationships.  Participants learn what constitutes a healthy relationship and how to recognize trouble signs of domestic violence. Crisis Intervention Counselors at SARP  navigate these issues and discuss way to get help for oneself or others.
Sexual Assault Awareness Week Annually Both Students and Faculty & Staff
The BU community observes Sexual Assault Awareness Week, an annual nationwide campaign that highlights the importance of public awareness of sexual assault and prevention. Campus events have included discussions, performances, and a screening of Hunting Ground, a powerful documentary about sexual assault on college campuses. The weeklong observance concludes with the Take Back the Night Rally.
Educational programming concerning sexual health Multiple events each semester/ online Students
A number of educational workshops and programs that are ongoing throughout the year focus on promoting healthy sexual relationships, understanding consent in a sexual context, interpersonal violence and sexual health.
Step Up Step In BU Bystander Training Multiple Events each Semester Students
Step Up Step In BU (SUSIBU) is an interactive bystander training session to raise awareness about sexual assault and what we as members of the BU community can do to help prevent it. SUSIBU bystander training is a requirement by Student Activities Office for recognized student organizations accepting funding from the Allocations Board. Each organization must send at lease one person with allocation responsibilities to a training session.
Rape Aggression Defense (R.A.D) Multiple Classes each Semester Female Students and female Faculty & Staff
Specifically for women who wish to physically protect themselves against rape and other forms of violence. The 16-hour or the 20-hour course is taught by certified BUPD RAD instructors. The program trains women in basic self-defense and offers them viable options when confronted with various threats of violence.
Domestic and Dating Violence Prevention Ongoing / Upon Request Both Students and Faculty & Staff
The Boston University Police Department provides a full range of services addressing domestic and dating violence issues, including obtaining restraining orders, safety planning, and criminal prosecution.
Sexual Misconduct: The Role of Faculty and Staff in Preventing, Identifying and Reporting Biannually Faculty & Staff
Faculty and staff learn how to recognize sexual misconduct, have an appropriate conversation with anyone who reports sexual misconduct, help by directing the survivor to University or off-campus resources, and report the incident to proper authorities.
Sexual Misconduct Students – Stand Up Speak Out: Addressing Sexual Misconduct at Boston University Annually Students
Sexual Misconduct Climate survey
Sexual Misconduct Training in the Workplace Ongoing / Upon Request Faculty & Staff
In addition to the bi-annual online training, the University’s Title IX Coordinator and Director of the University’s Equal Opportunity Office provides a variety of training and educational programming concerning sexual misconduct upon request. Participants learn to recognize sexual misconduct in the workplace and how to appropriately report and manage complaints.
Prevention of sexual assault and harassment (DOD) Annually Students (ROTC)
At the beginning of each academic year, each ROTC class conducts a session on the prevention of sexual assault and harassment using programming provided by the Department of Defense. In addition, the Army ROTC program requires freshmen cadets to review a two-hour video training session on the prevention of sexual assault and harassment at the beginning of each academic year.
The Common Thread podcast Ongoing / online Both Students and Faculty & Staff
The Thurman Center, a division of the Dean of Students Office, is committed to preserving the legacy of Dr. Howard Thurman by breaking barriers of divisiveness and building community. The Common Thread podcast, explores a variety of issues, including sexuality, sexual health, and University resources concerning sexual misconduct.
Courageous Conversations Ongoing / online Both Students and Faculty & Staff
 Courageous Dialogues is a Thurman Center program focused on small group discussions to build meaningful relationships among participants. The program focuses on issues of race, class, gender, and sexuality, and are designed to equip individuals with skills necessary to engage in sensitive dialogue around these topics.