Crime Statistics

Department of Education

The Federal Clery Act requires institutions of higher learning to prepare, publish, and distribute a report concerning campus crime statistics and security policies on an annual basis. As part of this requirement, Boston University compiles crime statistics for three most recent calendar years based on reports of crime that have been received. Campus Security Authorities are mandated to report crimes to the Boston University Police for inclusion in these statistics. Each year, the BU Police request crime statistics from local police and include any crime reported to them that had occurred on BU property or our reportable public property areas.

The Clery Act stipulates that the crime statistics be grouped according to these geographical designations:

  1. On Campus – inside any building or on any property owned or controlled by BU
  2. On Campus Residential – a subset of on campus, reflects incidents occurring in dormitories or BU owned student housing
  3. Public Property – the public spaces (i.e. sidewalks, streets, parks) immediately surrounding on campus buildings
  4. Non Campus – BU properties that are further than a mile from campus are counted in this category.

Charles River Campus Crime Stats



Boston Police Crime Statistics

Boston Police publishes their crime statistics by district. BU Charles River Campus is overlaps district D-4 and district D-14. BU Medical Campus is located in district D-4. You can find their most recently published statistics by visiting their website:

Boston Police Home Page