Annoying or Harassing Phone Calls

Do not give your name, address, or other personal information on an answering machine, voice mail message, or in a conversation.

If the caller asks for your name, ask for the number that he or she is calling.

If the caller does not respond to your questions, hang up.

In the event of an obscene call: 

  • Do not give the caller the satisfaction of a response. Hang up.
  • Note the date, time, and duration of the call, and describe the caller’s voice (accent, speech impediment, and so forth).
    Contact the Boston University Police at 3-2121 on the centrex system or 617-353-2121 outside centrex.

Please be aware that under Massachusetts State Law 269, s14A, pertaining to harassing calls, there must have been three or more calls similar in nature or from the same person to constitute the crime of Harassing Phone Calls.