Crime Alert: Recent Burglaries in the Gardner St., Ashford St., Pratt St. Neighborhood

BU Police have received information regarding several recent residential burglaries in the Gardner St, Ashford St, Pratt St neighborhood. We are providing the following information as a reminder to help you keep as safe as possible.

Please dial 9-1-1 if off campus for police assistance. Dial 617-353-2121 for BUPD on campus.

To share information with Boston Police please call CrimeStoppers Tip Line at 1-800-494-TIPS, or text the word “TIP” to CRIME (27463)

Risk reduction and safety precautions:

  • Don’t confront a thief yourself. These individuals are generally in search of property and it is not worth getting in a physical confrontation with them.
  • Recognize the signs. If you see damage to your door, especially around the door handle, don’t enter the room. You don’t want to surprise a thief. Go somewhere safe and call BUPD to come check it out.
  • Make it hard on them. Thieves will look for unlocked doors and windows. By locking the door to your residence and locking any window with access to a fire escape, you dramatically reduce your chances of being victimized.
  • Help your neighbor. Close any common doors to the building that are left propped open and unattended. If a thief can get easy access to the building they can easily look for unlocked rooms.
  • Know your neighbors. When you recognize your neighbors, it’s easier to spot someone who shouldn’t be in your building.
  • See Something Say Something
  • Program your cell phone with the BU Police emergency number 617-353-2121. Call us if you need assistance on or near the BU Charles River, Fenway or Medical Campus. We are ready to respond to your calls 24 hours a day 7 days a week.
  • If you are off campus call 911.
  • Text BUPD anonymously by texting “BU” to 847411.