Sapphire specs and methods

Fluorescence Mode

Our system has the ability to image fluorescence excited with 488nm 520nm 658nm or 784nm laser lines

Any signal emitted from the sample can be collected either simultaneously or sequentially (NEW!) on four PMT channels

Note : filters are listed as the center of passband and width in nm so 518bp 22 would allow 509nm- 529nm to pass through to the detector

  • blue 518BP22

  • green 565BP24

  • Red 710BP40

  • IR 823BP37

Storage Phosphor Mode

Dedicated laser and PMT settings to activate and detect signals stored in a phosphor screen that was exposed to a radiolabeled sample


Chemiluminescence Imaging

A cooled CCD camera is used to detect ECL, Luminol, or other chemiluminescent substrates.  This can be used in place of x-ray film and XOMAT development.

Note that only the top half of the scanner platen can be imaged with the CCD camera.


The area of the platen marked with the blue stripe and ‘chemi’ is also appropriate for Visible imaging of colorimetric signals in gels and blots. Silver stains, Coomassie, ponceau red etc.



Appropriate samples

Multiple types of samples can be imaged.  The sample type pull down corresponds to some common types of samples

  • Membrane (0 mm)  The focal plane is on the glass
  • Gel +0.5mm               0.5mm above the glass
  • Plate +3.0mm
  • Slide +1 mm                1.0mm above the glass for CS imaging
  • Custom                         User-selectable through 4mm of travel



The customized user manual for our Sapphire scanner can be downloaded here: PICFSapphire User Manual


Are you looking for the calendar for the sapphire? Here

Methods and Notes

  1. A complete overview of the offerings and options for Westerns: Western-Blotting-Guidebook.pdf
  2. Wet-or-Dry-app_3
  3. Three-Color-Western-Blots-with-
  4. Improve-Chemi-Blots-app-note_3
  5. AzureSpectra-Antibodies
  6. Improve-Fluorescent-Blots-app-note_3
  7. App-Note-Total-Protein-Normalization-with-AzureRed_10-002
  8. App-Note-Phosphor-Imaging-with-Sapphire-Biomolecular-Imager
  9. App Note-Blocking_1
  10. App-Note-In-cell-Western-blotting_4
  11. App-Note-Increasing-Assay-Efficiency-with-Four-Color-Detection_4