Reservations of rooms and equipment.

Due to limitations on occupancy due to COVID19 restrictions, it is now required that some equipment is reserved in the online calendar as well as an accompanying room reservation.  This is in addition to log sheets that exist at a number of systems. We cannot engage in in-person training due to social distancing which further complicates things. As an effort to help with this, for a number of systems I have developed hybrid training routines that I can share with you.  Please ask if you are unsure about anything and remember, I need your help to keep things running smoothly.  There are also new COVID19 cleaning logs in all of my spaces.  Please mark them when you clean up after using the equipment.

Large shared equipment rooms 344/547/644/744 have reduced room occupancy posted at the door and equipment logs at systems but at this time are not on the core scheduler nor google calendar

Equipment Room Occupancy Core Scheduler Google cal hybrid training available other
autoclave/glass wash LSE348&LSE548 1* no yes n/a 2 people can co-occupy but maintain social distance
FACS/Cryostat/Imager/3D printer LSE444 3 yes (all 4) yes yes indicate equipment on cal (FACS can’t be used with imager)
Confocal C2Si LSE450 1* yes yes yes indicate equipment on the calendar
ConfocalFV10i LSE448d 1 yes no yes
Confocal Olympus DSU LSE448c 1 yes no no
Confocal FV300 LSE448b 1 yes no no either FV300 or IX70 can be used
Olympus IX70 Widefield LSE448b 1 no no no either FV300 or IX70 can be used
Nikon NiE widefield LSE448a 1 yes no yes
Imaris Workstation LSE448 1 yes no no
GelDoc/nanodrop/sybr safe LSE539 1 no yes no
IX50 scope/c200 imager LSE637 1 no yes no
Victor 3 plate reader LSE632 4* yes no no 4 people can co-occupy but maintain social distance
Nexcelom Cellometer LSE632 no
Agilent BioAnalyzer 2100 LSE632 yes no
Turner 20/20n luminometer LSE632 no
NanoDrop C LSE632 no
ABI 7900 qPCR LSE632 yes yes