LSEB 637 Satellite Microscopy Suite

LSE 637 is a BSL2 rated lab space for the imaging of appropriately transported cultures on an Olympus IX50 inverted microscope or an upright slide imaging AX70 motorized research microscope.  Both microscopes share a camera that attaches to the left side port of the inverted or top of the upright.  They have fluorescent filter cubes consitent with DAPI/GFP and TRITC.

  • Please do not use the mouse and keyboard with gloves, and decontaminate the microscope when done with BL2 workfows.
  • Please do not leave the camera and PC on when not in use

The room also houses a c200 Gel imaging system for ethidium labeled gels or blue excited stains

  • Please do not touch any equipment or surfaces with contaminated gloves.
  • All EtBr waste must be placed in the labeled waste container near the door.