The Lab Hack gentle centrifuge

Meet the new qPCR plate spinner:

This is a commonly used lab hack where a salad spinner is repurposed into a gentle centrifuge for plates prior to qPCR.

To use:

2015-04-28 15.34.35
Step one
  1. Place your plate flat on the bottom of the green basket to one side of the dimple(1)
  2. Place the lid on
  3. Hold down the top (Don’t press the brake)(2)

    Step Two
  4. Pull the cord all the way out with a steady motion
  5. Repeat about 4 more times
  6. Do not brake, let the drum stop spinning on its own.
  7. Open the top carefully
  8. Your plate will be up against the side wall with all of the liquid at the bottom of the wells

    2015-04-28 15.35.09


If you have trouble or questions: blute@


IF YOU would prefer to use a conventional centrifuge, there is one in LSEB 344 on the left most lane of benches.  It has the plate holders.  You will need to bring a blank for balancing as there is not one there yet.





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