N. Maskara: "Programmable simulation of strongly-correlated quantum matter with Rydberg atom arrays" (Harvard)

  • Starts: 3:30 pm on Wednesday, April 24, 2024
Simulations of strongly correlated quantum matter are among the most important potential applications of quantum information processors. However, realizing useful simulations for such problems is challenging, due in large part to the complexity of implementing Hamiltonians associated with realistic systems. Here, we introduce a Hamiltonian simulation framework combining ideas from Floquet engineering and optimal control, and apply it to develop novel simulation protocols for neutral atom arrays. Using global driving, we show how blockade-consistent exchange interactions can be engineered, enabling exploration of novel phases with emergent particle number conservation in near-term analog devices. Then, leveraging the ability to dynamically reconfigure the array, we develop digital simulations of Floquet spin liquids, including the non-abelian Kitaev honeycomb model. Finally, we extend these techniques to simulation of complex spin models arising as low-energy models for magnetic molecules and materials. We further show how post-processing of snapshots produced by the quantum simulator can be used to compute important properties of a polynuclear transition-metal catalyst and 2D magnetic materials. Early experimental efforts to implement these protocols are also discussed.
SCI 352
Nishad Maskara
Alexey Khudorozhkov