E. Baldini: "Nonlinear Coupled Magnonics" (UT Austin)

  • Starts: 11:00 am on Friday, May 17, 2024
  • Ends: 12:30 pm on Friday, May 17, 2024
Tailored light excitation and nonlinear control of lattice vibrations have emerged as powerful strategies to manipulate the properties of quantum materials out of equilibrium. Generalizing the use of coherent phonon-phonon interactions to nonlinear couplings among other types of collective modes would open unprecedented opportunities in the design of novel dynamic functionalities in solids. For example, the collective excitations of magnetic order – magnons – can carry information with little energy dissipation, and their coherent and nonlinear control would provide an attractive route to achieve collective-mode-based information processing and storage in forthcoming spintronics and magnonics. In this talk, I will show that intense terahertz (THz) fields can initiate processes of magnon up-conversion mediated by an intermediate magnetic resonance. By using a suite of advanced spectroscopic tools, including a newly demonstrated two-dimensional THz polarimetry technique enabled by single-shot detection, we unveil the unidirectional nature of coupling between distinct magnon modes of a canted antiferromagnet. These results demonstrate a route to inducing desirable energy transfer pathways between coherent magnons in solids and pave the way for a new era in the development of ultrafast control of magnetism.
SCI 352
Edoardo Baldini
UT Austin
Wanzheng Hu