Physics/Core Curriculum Lecturer Candidate

  • All Day on Thursday, May 4, 2023
12- 1 in SCI B58 - Social for faculty and undergrad/grad students (coffee and bagels) 1:15-2:15 in SCI B58 - talk and teaching demonstration for faculty and undergrad/grad students Abstract: In this studio class, I invite you to interact with physical demonstrations to pique your curiosity about the interplay between electricity and magnetism you experience in your everyday world and technologies. Together, we will perform experiments that will lead us to a conceptual picture of electromagnetic induction as described by two key and linked laws: (i) Faraday’s Law, that a changing magnetic field can produce an electric current, and (ii) Lenz’s Law, that the direction of the current always opposes the changing magnetic field that produced it. Finally, in true studio style, I will ask all participants to collaborate in groups on a short worksheet, drawing pictures and sketching graphs at the boards, with the takeaways being that a focused, active learning approach cultivates teamwork, engagement and interest leading to deeper learning, increased confidence and more equity in STEM. 3:45-4:30 in SCI B58 – meeting with undergrad/grad students (pizza)
Paul Trunfio
Boston University