Visualizing quantum materials using hard x-ray techniques

  • Starts: 3:30 pm on Wednesday, April 19, 2023
  • Ends: 4:30 pm on Wednesday, April 19, 2023
Quantum materials originated from electron-electron correlation have been intensively investigated due to their scientific interests. Many researchers have tried to search for new insight and intriguing material systems, such as antiferromagnet-based spintronics. Here, we introduce an experimental approach based on resonant x-ray scattering [1]. Using the techniques, we systematically investigated emergent properties of quantum materials, e.g., ruthenate and iridate. Our studies also can offer a comprehensive understanding based on the theoretical calculations combined with advanced hard x-ray scattering techniques. Moreover, we were able to visualize structural and (anti)ferromagnetic domains of thin films and single crystals. We propose that the techniques combined with electric field can explore and create new phases and emergent physical properties. [1] T. Choi et al, Adv. Mater. 34 2200639 (2022)
SCI 328
Seo Hyoung Chang
Chung-Ang University
Alex Sushkov