Zeynep Demiragli wins NSF Career Award and CMS Young Researcher Prize

Professor Zeynep Demiragli of BU’s Physics Department has won both an NSF Career Award and the CMS Young Researcher Prize. With the NSF award, Zeynep plants to explore signatures with one or more jets and an overall momentum imbalance to discover and characterize dark matter particles and use the Higgs boson as a tool for discovery! She also plans to establish procedures for recasting the experimental results by provide a publicly available software implementation for anyone to searches for new particles! She is also dedicated to motivate K-12 and undergraduate students to pursue careers in science through integrating research and education experience. In addition to providing hands-on research experiences, she aims to organize workshops and conferences to help undergraduate women in physics to continue in physics focusing on improving wide range of necessary skills for career advancement.

Professor Zeynep Demiragli is also the winner of the the CMS Young Researcher Prize! This prize is intended to recognize outstanding achievements of young members of the CMS experiment who make very significant and sustained contribution to CMS over many years. Zeynep was award the prize for “Her crucial and sustained contributions to the searches for new physics especially using mono jet signatures, to the JetMet group and to the trigger and data acquisition in CMS.” To learn more, please visit the CMS site.

Congratulations Zeynep!