Letter to Students from Acting PC William Evans

To: Boston Area College and University Students From: William B. Evans, Acting Police Commissioner Boston Police Department Date: November 14, 2013 Re: Thank you on behalf of the Boston Police Department Dear Students, The Boston Red Sox won a thrilling World Series victory over the Saint Louis Cardinals at home for the first time in ninety five years. It was an event that capped a very exciting playoff series for the City of Boston and Major League baseball and one that gave hope and a sense of rejuvenation to scores of baseball fans. It also once again exemplified the best of who we are. The throngs of fans and supporters who came out to cheer on the home team during the World Series conducted themselves in a dignified manner and demonstrated the true meaning of Red Sox Nation. Please count yourself among those who joined all of us in celebrating responsibly and contributed to a series with no major problems. I wanted to take this opportunity to say thank you on behalf of the Boston Police Department for your exemplary conduct during this time. In closing I just want to remind you that as a resident of Boston you contribute to our wonderful reputation as a safe, friendly and proud city. Letís continue that great-spirit we have in Boston whether we are celebrating the World Series or going about your daily activities. Thank you! We Are Boston Strong We Are Red Sox Nation