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Marginal Heading
1293.217rs 1293 Common Pleas Covenant Covenant
Regnal Year
King: Plea Number Folio Number
(Trin.) 21 Edw. 1 [16] RS 183-185
Serjeants/ Justices Plaintiff Surname Plaintiff First Name v. Defendent Surname Defendent First Name
Assheby, Richard de Sjt Aseby (for D)
Hertford, Robert JCP
Assheby, Richard de Sjt Aseby
Sutton, Henry de Sjt Suttone (for P)
Assheby, Richard de Sjt Asseby
Hertford, Robert JCP
Assheby, Richard de Sjt Asbey
Hertford, Robert JCP
Assheby, Richard de Sjt Aseby
Other Plaintiffs Other Names Places Other Defendents
William Taddeham, Chapel of
Abridgements Cross-References Statutes
Incipit (First Line) Number of Lines
Praecipe &c. inter eos factam de eo quod eadem priorissa per capellanum et clericum ydoneum in Capella 27
Process and Pleading
Language Notes (Law French)
la chanterie
Asseby: calys (= chalices) e veytementz (= vestments)
Abstract Context
Commentary & Paraphrase
Novae Narrationes B193, 80 SS 103-104, was identified by Shanks as the count in this case, and identified the covenant that defendant prioress should have mass chanted in the chapel of C. in the vill of N. by a suitable chaplain and clerk 3 days a week, that is, Sunday, Wednesday, and Friday; and that it was agreed between A. (or W.) and M. (plaintiffs) and prioress (defendant) that this same prioerss should have mass chanted in the chapel by a suitable chaplain and clerk three days a week, when plaintiffs or one of them or their heir should be there, provided that defendant prioress should be warned before their coming, and in their (plaintiffs') absence two days a week, Wednesday and Friday, of which chantry A. and M. (plaintiffs) were seised by the hand of the prioress (defendant); and that R., servant of plaintiffs A. and M. warned the prioress on the Saturday next before Easter (la Pasche)
Manuscripts Mss Notes Editing Notes Errors
CUL MS Dd. 7.14, fols. 248-261b, 275-289 MS reports dated 'after Pentecost'
Alfred J. Horwood, Year Books of the Reign of Edward the First: Years XXI and XXII (1293-1294), Rolls Series no. 31, part A, vol. 2 (London 1873), pp. 182-185
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