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Seipp Number:
Marginal Heading
1329.171ass 1329 King's Bench Appeal of robbery Appeal
Regnal Year
King: Plea Number Folio Number
3 Edw. 3 Lib. Ass. 12 5b
Serjeants/ Justices Plaintiff Surname Plaintiff First Name v. Defendent Surname Defendent First Name
Scrop, Geoffrey le CJKB C. Margery of
Other Plaintiffs Other Names Places Other Defendents
Abridgements Cross-References Statutes
Fitzherbert Mainprise 6
Brooke Appeal 50
Brooke Apporcionment 11
Brooke Excommengement 9
Brooke Mainprise 48 
same case variant report 1329.072 = Pasch. 3 Edw. 3, pl. 33, fol. 19a
3 Hen. 6, fol. 41
9 Edw. 4, fol. 26
Littleton Tenures fol. 44 
Incipit (First Line) Number of Lines
Marg. de C. suist un appell' de roberie devers le Chancell' de Cant' dun centur' de say prise 7
Process and Pleading
Language Notes (Law French)
Abstract Context
Commentary & Paraphrase
Margery of C. sued an Appeal of robbery against the Chancellor of Canterbury of a belt of silk, price 20 shillings, to which letters of excommunication from the bishop were shown to make her not answerable, and further it was prayed that the defendant go free (quit) until she was absolved, because the suit of the party was not lost by excommunication, (Latin begins) nor consequently (Latin ends) the king could not yet have suit. Scrop CJKB said this was true, but the defendant came before the Court as a prisoner, so that he could not go free, if he were not acquitted at the suit of the party or of the king, and he could not be released at mainprise if it was not to a certain day, and this was in uncertainty when she would be absolved. And then he found mainprise (Latin begins) from day to day, untli the woman was absolved (Latin ends).
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