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Seipp Number:
Marginal Heading
1480.035 1480 Common Pleas Debt (on a contract) Det
Regnal Year
King: Plea Number Folio Number
Pasch. 20 Edw. 4 17 3b-4a
Serjeants/ Justices Plaintiff Surname Plaintiff First Name v. Defendent Surname Defendent First Name
Calow, William Sjt Coll. (for P)
Catesby, John Sjt (for D)
Bryan, Thomas CJCP Brian
Calow, William Sjt Collow
Nele, Richard JCP
Calow, William Sjt Collow
Nele, Richard JCP Master Nele, R.N. (mentioned twice?)
Bryan, Thomas CJCP mon Seignior Brian (mentioned)
Choke, Richard JCP
Other Plaintiffs Other Names Places Other Defendents
N., R. (Nele, Richard?)
Abridgements Cross-References Statutes
  prior proceeding? 1480.018 = Hil. 19 Edw. 4, pl. 18, fol. 10a
17 Edw. 4, fol. 4, 5
7 Hen. 4, fol. 35
14 Hen. 8, fol. 23, 24
37 Hen. 6, fol. 9, 10 
the statute = perhaps Prohibitio formata de Statuto Articuli Cleri (1 Stat. Realm 209) (causis ... non de testamento vel matrimonio) or 2 Hen. 5 (1414), stat. 1, ch. 3 (choses ... come de matrimoinne & testament) (of things touching matrimony or testaments those will be tried and sued in Court Christian) 
Incipit (First Line) Number of Lines
En Det le plaintiff counta per Coll. de ceo que le defendant promit de payer xx. markes ove 23
Process and Pleading
Plaintiff counted that defendant promised to pay 20 marks with the marriage of defendant daughter (to plaintiff).
Defendant, by another counsel(?), pleaded that plaintiff had not shown caused between defendant and plaintiff for plaintiff to have the debt.
Bryan CJCP and plaintiff's counsel asked defendant if defendant thought defendant could buy the sacraments, and said that things touching matrimony should be tried and sued in ecclesiastical court (Court Christian).
Nele JCP argued that this Court should have jurisdiction.
Plaintiff argued that the Court would have jurisdiction of this action because the matter was not solely on the sacrament, nor on the statute, nor for tithes, and that plaintiff should recover even though no advantage had come to defendant, because plaintiff had done something for a third part (married defendant's daughter).
Language Notes (Law French)
Bryan CJCP & Sjt Calow (for P): Cuides vous que vous purra achate les sacraments, & le statute est, que de choses que touchant matrimony ou testaments ceux serra tries & sues en Court christian, per que, &c.
Nele JCP: Sir dismes sont chose spiritual, & si un parson de saint Esglise lessa a moy ses dismes, ore s' il sua pur le rent reserve, il aver son action de Det en cest Court, & nemy en Court christian, pur que
Sjt Calow (for P): Sir, moy semble a meme l' entent, & sir le statute est de chose touchant matrimony ou testament, que ils serront termines en Court spiritual, mes uncore en le case que ad este mis per Master Nele JCP, ceo est bon ley, & auxi a ma entent en chescun case que le matter n' est solement sur le sacrament, ne sur le statute, ne pur les dismes, mes pur un chose que serra pay pur les dismes, come si un fait covenant pur paier ascun chose pur eux, ore pur cest argent que surde sur le contract le party avera action de Det, 'quia per emptionem & venditionem res spirituales efficiuntur temporales', & sir, a ma entent est auter chose a veier-, car sur cest action uncore monstre que ascun chose serra fait al avantage le defendant & sir moy semble que ceo nient obstant que le plaintiff recovera, car ency serra en plusors cases semblables, come si jeo faisoie covenant ove un home a faire a moy un meason, & avera pur son labor xx. s. a un certein jour, a ore s' il ne face la meason, uncore il aver xx. s. & jeo nay rien pur icel, auxi nient obstant que cel chose que le plaintiff ferra est al tierce person que n' est my prive al contract, uncore moy semble que est assets bon, car si jeo promit a R.N. (Nele JCP) xx. li. s' il ala a mon Seignior Bryan CJCP, & porta a luy tiel chose que est en avantage mon dit Seignior, jeo entend que jeo paiera le xx. li. s' il face le chose pur que, &c. & uncore ceo est fait a profit d' un estranger al contract, pur que
Choke JCP: Al primer matter moy semble le contrary, &c.
Abstract Context
Commentary & Paraphrase
20 marks = 13 pounds 6 shillings 8 pence
Bryan CJCP & Sjt Calow (for P): (to defendant) do you think (Cuides vous) that you can buy the sacraments, and the statute is that things that touch matrimony or testaments will be tried and sued in ecclesiastical court (Court christian), so, etc.
Nele JCP: Sir, tithes are spiritual things, and if a parson of holy church leased to me his tithes, now if he sues for the rent reserved, he will have an action of Debt in this Court, and not in ecclesiastical court (Court christian), so
Sjt Calow (for P): Sir, it seem the same to me, and Sir, the statute is for things touching matrimony or testament, that they will be determined (termines) in ecclesiastical court (Court spiritual), but yet in the case that has been put by my master Nele JCP, this is good law, and also to my thinking (entent) in every case where the matter is not solely on the sacrament, nor on the statute, nor for the tithes, but for a thing that will be paid for the tithes, as if one makes a covenant to pay something for them (tithes), now for this money (argent) that arises (surde) on the contract, the party will have an action of Debt, 'because by purchase and sale spiritual things become temporal' (legal maxim, 'quia per emptionem & venditionem res spiritual- efficiunt- temporales' (the point, though not the formula, is in Bracton fol. 412, 4:282; also quoted in 1311.224ss = 4 Edw. 2, addit. pl. 1, 42 SS 169-170 (Mallore JCP) and in 1458.053 = Mich. 37 Hen. 6, pl. 18, fol. 8b, 9a (Aysshton JCP)), and Sir, to my thinking (entent) there is another thing to be seen, because on this action it was yet to be shown that anything will be done to the defendant's advantage (consideration principle), and Sir, it seems to me that notwithstanding this, the plaintiff will recover, because thus it will be in several similar cases, as if I would make a covenant with one to make me a house, and to have for his labour 20 shillings (= 1 pound) at a certain day, now if he does not make the house, still he will have the 20 shillings (= 1 pound), and I have nothing for this (icel) (no consideration principle), also notwithstanding this, this thing that the plaintiff will do (marry defendant's daughter), it is to a third person who is not privy to the contract, yet it seems to me that it (the contract) is good enough (assets bon), because if I promise to Richard Nele JCP (R.N.) 20 pounds if he will go to my lord Bryan CJCP and bring him such a thing that is in my lord's (Bryan CJCP's) advantage, I understand that I will pay the 20 pounds if he does the thing, so, etc. and yet this is done to the profit of a stranger to the contract, so (consideration principle, detriment to the promisor)
Choke JCP: as to the first matter it seems to me the contrary, etc.
Other bargains to marry defendant's daughter were reported in 1429.003 = Mich. 7 Hen. 6, pl. 3, fol. 1a-1b and 1474.012 = Trin. 14 Edw. 4, pl. 3, fol. 6b and 1477.021 = Trin. 17 Edw. 4, pl. 4, fol. 4b-5a and 1480.018 = Hil. 19 Edw. 4, pl. 18, fol. 10a
Manuscripts Mss Notes Editing Notes Errors
1480.035 = Pasch. 20 Edw. 4, pl. 17, fol. 3b-4a
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0 2005-12-30
Having The Debt
Thinking (Cuides)
Buying (achate)
Buying Sacraments
Thing (choses)
Concern (touchont)
Court Christian
Ecclesiastical Court
Canon Law
Spiritual Thing
Holy Church
Lease Of Tithes
Determination (termines)
Court Spiritual
Spiritual Court
Putting (mis)
Good Law
Thinking (entent)
On The Sacrament
On The Statute
Making Covenant
Money (argent)
Arising (surde)
Purchase (emptionem
Sale (venditionem
Temporal Thing
Per Emptionem & Venditionem Res Spirituales Efficiuntur Temporales
Sight (veier-)
Thus (ency)
Similar Case
Building (faire)
Third Person
Third Party
Privy To The Contract
Sufficiency (assets)
Good Enough
Good Action
Understanding (entend)
Stranger To The Contract
First Matter
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