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Searching for QSTSI845 returned 1 classes
  • QST SI 845

    Technology Strategy

    Grad Prereq: QST AC710 or AC711, QST FE721 or FE722, QST MK723 or 724, QST MO712 or MO713, QST PL727 or PL730, QST SI750 or SI751

    Technology Strategy is an advanced graduate class that equips students with an array of interrelated frameworks, concepts, and tools for analyzing and managing businesses in an environment with rapid technological change. The course complements both a core strategy course and other strategy and functional electives. It should be particularly valuable for students who want to work in or start businesses in high-technology sectors, and also those who want to better understand how growth and wealth are created through technological innovation in a modern economy. Technology Strategy provides a comprehensive review of the key theories and tools needed to understand: (a) how technological change creates new markets and prompts new business models; (b) how technology- based firms can outcompete rivals in fast-growing markets characterized by high uncertainty; (c) how firms assemble the resources required to commercialize an innovative technology; and (d) how the evolution of technology affects the type of firm capabilities needed to succeed in an industry over time. Specific topics covered in this class include: technology diffusion, models of industry evolution, technological discontinuities and disruptive innovation, R&D management, intellectual property, complementary assets needed to profit from innovation, industry standards, platform dynamics, and technology policy.

    [ 3 cr.]

Abbreviation Glossary

Abbreviation Name
CAS College of Arts & Sciences
CFA College of Fine Arts
CGS College of General Studies
COM College of Communication
EGS College of Engineering and Graduate School of Arts & Sciences
ENG College of Engineering
EOP Center for English Language & Orientation Programs (CELOP)
GMS Graduate Medical Sciences
GRS Graduate School of Arts & Sciences
HUB BU Hub general education program
KHC Questrom School of Business
LAW School of Law
MED School of Medicine
OTP Officer Training Program
PDP Physical Education Recreation and Dance
QST Questrom School of Business
SAR Sargent College
SDM Henry M. Goldman School of Dental Medicine
SED Wheelock College of Education & Human Development
SHA School of Hospitality Administration
SPH School of Public Health
SSW School of Social Work
STH School of Theology
XRG Cross Registration