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CAS NE 102 - Introduction to Cellular and Molecular Biology
A cellular and molecular approach to nervous system function. Includes molecular and genetic basis of neurons; structure and function of ion channels, synapses, and glia; mechanisms of signal transduction; neuroendocrinology; and sensory systems and transduction. Project labs focused on anatomy and physiology of neurons. This course fulfills a single Hub unit in each of the following BU Hub areas: Scientific Inquiry II, Ethical Reasoning, Writing- Intensive Course, Teamwork/Collaboration.

[ 4 cr.]

Hub Areas
Scientific Inquiry II
Ethical Reasoning
Writing-Intensive Course
7 sections scheduled for Spring 2019
CAS NE 116 - Introduction to Cell and Molecular Biology with Integrated Science Experience 1 Lab
Integration of general chemistry with biology and neuroscience, with an emphasis on how each discipline interacts experimentally. Laboratory focuses on projects relating to enzymes and their function. 3 lecture hours (meets with CAS NE 102 lecture), 3 hours lab.

[ 4 cr.]

Prereq: CAS CH 101; and acceptance into the Integrated Science Experience (ISE).
Coreq: CAS CH 116.
3 sections scheduled for Spring 2019
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