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CAS CH 204 - Organic Chemistry 2
Fundamentals of contemporary chemistry, including electronic structure, stereochemistry, and reactions of important functional groups, reaction mechanisms, stereochemistry, and multistep synthesis. Laboratory includes extraction, reactions, spectroscopy, and chromatography. Three hours lecture, one hour discussion; one hour prelab lecture and three-and-a-half hours lab in alternate weeks.

[ 4 cr.]

Prereq: CAS CH 203.
43 sections scheduled for Spring 2019
MET CH 421 - Biochemistry I
Prereq: CAS CH 204, CH 212, CH 214, or CH 282. Introductory biochemistry. Protein structure and folding, enzyme mechanisms, kinetics, and allostery; nucleic acid structure; lipids and membrane structure; bioenergetics; vitamins and coenzymes; introduction to intermediary metabolism. Students must register for two sections: lecture and laboratory. Meets with CAS CH 421.

[ 4 cr.]

10 sections scheduled for Fall 2018
CAS CH 206 - Organic Chemistry Lecture 2
Meets with CAS CH 204/214 lecture.

[ 3 cr.]

CAS CH 208 - Organic Chemistry Laboratory 2
Meets with CAS CH 204 laboratory.

[ 1 cr.]

CAS CH 214 - Organic Chemistry with Qualitative Analysis
Lecture and discussion shared with CAS CH 204. Three hours lecture, one hour discussion weekly, one hour prelab lecture, four hours lab.

[ 4 cr.]

Prereq: CAS CH 203.
33 sections scheduled for Spring 2019
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