Research Presentation by Kathy MinHye Kim: Exploring the Interface of Explicit and Implicit Second-Language Knowledge - Bridging Research and Pedagogy

Abstract: A central issue in second language acquisition is understanding how second language (L2) knowledge types (i.e., explicit and implicit) and L2 processing (i.e., grammar-focused and meaning-focused) relate. Do grammar-focused processing and explicit knowledge facilitate the development of implicit knowledge? This question is known as the interface issue. Despite extensive theorization, surprisingly little empirical work has been conducted. Lack of research may have resulted in part from methodological shortcomings; in particular, validating measures of L2 knowledge and processing types and, with the validity ensured, capturing the longitudinal nature of the explicit-implicit interface. Dr. Kim will present preliminary findings of studies that (1) examined the validity of L2 knowledge measures and (2) investigated developmental changes in knowledge types and learning processes in a one-year longitudinal framework. 

About Kathy Kim: Kathy Kim is a pedagogy-focused applied linguist with expertise in second language acquisition research and its applications to teaching. She received her M.A. in TESOL at Boston University and is expected to receive her Ph.D. in Spring 2020 in Second Language Studies and Cognitive Science at Michigan State University.

Wednesday, Jan 29, 2020 at 10:30am until 12:00pm on Wednesday, Jan 29, 2020
Where Rm 411, 2 Silber Way
Boston University