Saraswati Puja


Saraswati Puja


Saraswati (also 'Sarasvati') is the daughter of Lord Shiva and Goddess Durga. She is the goddess of knowledge, music, and the arts. She is believed to bless people with the power of speech, wisdom, and learning. Saraswati has four hands that correlate to the for aspects of human personality in learning: intellect, alertness, mind, and ego. In one hand she has the lotus, the symbol of true knowledge. In another hand she has sacred scriptures. With her other two hands, Saraswati plays the music of life and love on the string instrument called the veena. Knowledgeable individuals attach great significance to the worship to the goddess as the representation of knowledge and wisdom. When it comes time to worship Goddess Saraswati, the temples are adorn with spring flowers, devotees are dressed in yellow to symbolize the beginning of spring, and books are at feet of Saraswati for blessings. With Saraswati Puja on Vasant Panchami, the fifth day of spring, we welcome the new season and worship Saraswati by chanting the Saraswati Vandanaa, a hymn written in her name. Many students take part in this puja as they are given blessings of knowledge and wisdom as they continue with their studies. Devotees of Saraswati also seek blessings for spirituality, peace and purity, and to excel in all aspects in life. Although Saraswati Puja takes place in the spring, anyone can worship Saraswati when in need of wisdom and prosperity. At our event, we will be inviting Pandit Saxena to organize and lead our prayers for the evening as we worship Saraswati before the conclusion of the semester. We encourage the public to attend the Puja in order to learn more about the Hindu practice of celebrating Goddess Saraswati as well as for students to seek blessings prior to finals week.


5:00pm on Saturday, December 7th 2019

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