Screening of "When Patients Heal You"

Since 2012, students at the College of Fine Arts and School of Medicine team up with artists from BMC Neurology to put on a yearly concert entitled: When Patients Heal You. This exceptional concert is dedicated to the physicians and hospital staff that provide care to these artists living with neurological conditions. In this short fifteen-minutes film, video-artist Sajada Domino II revisits the 2018 edition revealing the power of music to present ourselves exactly as we are, and the healing that arouses from this brave gesture.

Speaker(s): Sajada Domino II, Tavis Linsin, Erin Bruce
Wednesday, Nov 20, 2019 at 6:00pm
School of Medicine, 72 E Concord St. (Bakst Auditorium)
Open to General Public
Admission is free
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Student Affairs Office / Arts Lab
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617 358 7469
Boston University