FIFA 2020 Tournament

Join the Boston University Brazilian Association in our second FIFA Tournament! RULES-The Tournament will count with 128 students from all around the city-Winners will be taking FIFA 20 game and a cash prize (starting at 100$, the more people sign up the higher it can get)-FIFA20 Tournament is a single-elimination. Brackets created randomly. Each half is 6 minutes in length. (Tie: normal extra time and then penalties).-Open to all college students in the city of Boston (a valid college ID will be required at entrance). Fair pro-players are not allowed to register.WAITLIST-A waitlist will be created if you can't register- If the waitlist reaches 128 people, the Tournament will have 256 players (128 already signed up + 128 on the waitlist)FEES-BU Students $10-Non-BU Students $13

Saturday, Nov 2, 2019 at 11:00am until 5:00pm on Saturday, Nov 2, 2019
GSU, 775 Commonwealth Ave. (Terrace Lounge)
Admission: $10.00
Boston University