Workshop: Introduction to Computational Art

Join BU's Computational Artist in Residence Francisco Alarcon for a hands-on workshop which will allow attendees to blend computational skills and creativity. Description: Digital technologies brought a new paradigm to our culture, and art is an open set of ways of acting inventively in culture. Computational art relies on the intersection of the two. This workshop blends computational skills with creativity to provide the context and framework to produce projects for public exhibition. The workshop can accommodate artists, engineers, or anyone with already developed projects or early practitioners interested in Creative Computation as a mode of expression. Ideally, participants will know the fundamentals of programming and how to apply this knowledge expressively. Programmers using Processing, OpenFrameworks, P5.js, and Arduino are welcome, as well as developers using Java, Javascript, and C++. Don’t know any of these programs? You are still welcome to join the discussion! Computational artworks do not necessarily involve computers and screens. In this workshop, students will be encouraged to produce works across a diverse range of media.

Speaker(s): Francisco Alarcon
Friday, Sep 27, 2019 at 3:00pm until 5:00pm on Friday, Sep 27, 2019
Math & Science Building (B39 (Lower Level))
Admission is free
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BU Arts Initiative
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