Materials Day 2019 | (Nano)materials for Biosensing and Diagnostics


Materials Day 2019 | (Nano)materials for Biosensing and Diagnostics


Materials Day 2019

(Nano)materials for Biosensing and Diagnostics

Hosted by Allison Dennis (BME, MSE)

Poster session and wine reception will take place at the conclusion of the event.


- Russ Algar, University of British Columbia

- Trisha Andrew, University of Massachusetts, Amherst

- Heather Clark, Northeastern University

- Allison Dennis, Boston University

- Niko Hildebrandt, Université de Rouen and Université Paris-Saclay

- Samir Mitragotri, Harvard University

- Hadi Shafiee, Brigham and Women's Hospital

- Hadley Sikes, Massachusetts Institute of Technology

Register by Sunday, September 15th

Event Description

Novel materials development in fluorescent and plasmonic nanoparticles, anti-fouling surfaces, and textile electronics are helping to propel innovations in personal health, wellness monitoring, and cell phone-based diagnostic tools. Eminent scholars and BU students will present on recent advances that are part of a movement to reshape the information each of us has regarding our own health and wellness.


Division of Materials Science and Engineering (host)

Department of Biomedical Engineering

Photonics Center

Precision Diagnostic Center


College of Engineering


12:00am on Friday, September 27th 2019

All Day

This event occurs all day


8 Saint Mary's Street, Boston, MA | 9th floor



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Hosting Professor

Allison Dennis (BME, MSE)