BME MS Thesis Defense - Abdurrahman Roman Addokhi


BME MS Thesis Defense - Abdurrahman Roman Addokhi


Title: “A Versatile Low-Cost Microcontroller-Based 4-Channel Potentiostat Platform for Electrochemical Biosensor Development”

Committee: James Galagan, PhD – BME (Advisor, Chair) Mark Grinstaff, PhD – BME/Chemistry Catherine M. Klapperich, PhD – BME

Abstract: Electrochemical biosensors provide high specificity of analyte detection in different body fluids. A potentiostat is the instrument used to control and measure electrical current change in the electrochemical cell. Advances in electronics have enabled such sophisticated instruments to be built at a very low cost with sufficient performance.

We report the design and prototyping of a low-cost 4-channel potentiostat that is fully integrated into one PCB connected to an Arduino Uno board, as an Arduino shield, which could be used for both biosensor development and applications. As an Arduino-based instrument, the MATLAB-based software of the potentiostat is relatively easily modified for different biosensor requirements, providing great versatility for end users. We believe that this design will be valuable for electrochemical biosensors researchers as well as students interested in electrochemistry. The reported low-cost architecture could also be adopted to create low-cost diagnostic instruments for resource-limited settings.


2:00pm on Tuesday, April 16th 2019


44 Cummington Mall, Room 401 (ERB)


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